Updated hilightphrase XChat plugin

Posted on Fri 18 June 2010 in Technology • Tagged with xchat, hexchat, wiki

I finally found some free time and updated my hilightphrase XChat python plugin.

The Changes:

  1. When listing out the highlighted strings, they are displayed in a separate tab instead of the current tab
  2. The list of phrases contains are numbered so that you can delete them using the index instead …

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XChat notification and highlighting on phrases instead of single words

Posted on Tue 26 May 2009 in Technology • Tagged with xchat, hexchat

I wrote the following xchat plugin after they decided to “fix” the Extra words to highlight feature in XChat 2.8.6

The python plugin can be downloaded here

__module_name__ = 'hilight-phrase'
__module_description__ = 'XChat notification and hilighting on phrases instead of single words'
__module_version__ = '2.0'

import xchat, os, re


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